After the Berkeley I needed another project and was able to purchase a second Isetta needing a complete restoration.

I started this slowly with the intention of doing everything myself, that is every nut and bolt, all welding, all body preparation including re-spray.

Her indoors realised it was going to be many more years before she would see a finished project, and not only that I had acquired another Isetta and a Zundapp Janus in the mean time. (More about those on other pages).

I dismantled the car and sent the body off for welding and painting, in the mean time I could get on with the mechanical side of things.

A friend of mine was at a loose end and offered to rebuild the engine and gearbox for me. (He had already done 2 of his own). The offer was too good to refuse.

I continued on with my part of the restoration and finally completed the whole project.  

’Susie’ is the result.

I won the restoration of the year award from the Isetta Owners Club for my efforts.

Although the result was extremely good neither my wife nor I have the same affection for it as ‘Bessie’ and we both had a hankering after another car.

We couldn’t accommodate another car in the garage as we already had four and a motorbike in there so ‘Susie’ had to go.

This allowed us to look out for a Speedster.